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What is the Mini Toggle Switch

 What is the Mini Toggle Switch?

The mini toggle switch could be widely used in large panels with many other switches and  standalone devices, such as light switches. These can be designed so that they simply turn a circuit on or off or can be designed so that they allow a light to be controlled by a combination of two switches. And micro plastic mini toggle switch also come in designs suitable for handling high and low voltages and currents.

Liantronic can offer different kinds of mini toggle switches. A single pole single throw (SPST) switch is the simplest and most common type of toggle switch. These switches allow simple on and off operation for a single circuit. Most light switches are SPST switches. Double pole single throw (DPST) switches allow operation that is very similar to having two SPST switches hooked together in one device. The switch can turn two circuits on and off. These are very convenient when more than one device needs to be controlled with the same switch. Double pole double throw (DPDT) switches allow two different circuits to be served by the same pole. These are used in applications where a circuit may need to have changing voltages applied to connected devices.

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