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3.5mm DC Power Jack

  • Model: LT-EJ-214M
  • Brand Name: Liantronic
  • Type: Electrical Plug
  • Grounding: Standard Grounding
  • Color: Black
  • Rated Voltage: 30VDC
  • Rated Current: 0.5A
  • Application: Residential / General-Purpose
 Top Quality black 3.5mm Stereo DC Power Jack 


Specification for 3.5mm Stereo DC Power Jack 

  • Model: LT-EJ-214M
  • Grounding:  Standard Grounding
  • Rated Voltage:  30VDC
  • Rated Current:  0.5A
  • Color : Black
  • Terminals: Copper with silver plated
  • Typel: Electrical Plug

Trading Details for 2.5mm DC Power Supply Jack Socket
  • Samples: for free 
  • Packings: in standard export carton
  •  MOQ: 1000PCS    
  • Lead Time: usually delivery within 3-5days after payment received 
  • Shipping Methords: by express (DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx) or by Air or by Sea 
  •  Payment Details: below 10000USD, 100%TT in advance  ;exceed 10000USD, 40% TT in advance, the balance paid before shipment       

The Product Details for  3.5mm DC Power Female Plug Jack
The DC power plug jacks could be widely used the following fields:
  •  Musical instruments: guitar effects pedals,amplifers

  •  Digital products/Video products: digital cameras, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, DVD. audio;

  • Remote control: Volume vehicles, doors, home security products for the remote control;

  • Communication products: mobile phone, car phone, telephone, building equipment, PDA etc;

  • Household appliances: TV sets, microwave ovens, electric rice cooker, electric wind, electronic human body scale,Electronic fat scale, electronic kitchen scale, etc;

  • Security products: visual intercom, monitor, etc;

  • Toys: electronic toys, etc;

  • Computer products: camera, recording pen, etc;

  • Fitness equipment: running machine, massage chair, etc;

  •  Medical equipment: blood pressure gauge, thermometer, hospital call system, etc.


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